mean [1] VERB (past and past part. meant) 1) intend to express or refer to. 2) (of a word) have as its explanation in the same language or its equivalent in another language. 3) intend to occur or be the case. 4) have as a consequence. 5) intend or design for a particular purpose. 6) be of specified importance.
mean business — Cf. ↑mean business
mean well — Cf. ↑mean well
ORIGIN Old English.
mean [2] ADJECTIVE 1) unwilling to give or share; not generous. 2) unkind or unfair. 3) vicious or aggressive. 4) poor in quality and appearance; inferior. 5) dated of low birth or social class. 6) informal excellent.
DERIVATIVES meanly adverb meanness noun.
ORIGIN originally in the sense «common to two or more persons»: from Old English.
mean [3] NOUN 1) the average or central value of a set of quantities. 2) something in the middle of two extremes.
ADJECTIVE 1) calculated as a mean. 2) equally far from two extremes.
ORIGIN Latin medianus 'middle' .

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